We are Moi.

Moi + Slovenian wood = 100% love

Out of love for nature and wood, we have now joined the forces of an engineer and an economist, and for our products we use wood that we grow ourselves, on our farm. Enjoy buying products made at home, in Slovenia.

Hand Made

We therefore spend many hours in our workshop making quality accesories from raw natural materials that give your style a bit of bohemian elegance. “Touche de flair naturel”, if you will.


Our workshop in Maribor is all about beautiful (and practical) woodworking. We make and sell a variety of sustainable, eco-friendly, and locally sourced home and lifestyle products that are as practical as they are beautiful.

Wood and Nature

Bonjour, we are Moi. A new kind of a fashion brand. We believe in the little things. Because the little things are the ones that shape your unique style. Make you interesting. Give you your special something. And, we believe that there is only one source of beauty: nature.

Custom orders

All our products can be customized to your needs, or we can equip them with your personal message. Contact us to explore and discuss different options.

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